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Vatt-Land & Stursa Developers is a European property and development agency offering a personalized service which combines the knowledge of the market, more than 30 years of experience and a passion for Marbella and its surroundings. It’s objective is to create a pleasant experience offering step-by-step advice throughout the process.

Founded in 1972, VATT is transformed into an European family owned private equity company. Today, there are three independent divisions operating with the VATT brand name, each with their own strategy and focus.

  • VATT-LAND (Estepona, Spain) focuses on land transactions in especially Spain and Southern Europe, VATT-LAND positions valued in average  between € 10 and € 100 million.
  • VATT-CAPITAL with offices in The Netherlands, Spain and Poland, VATT-CAPITAL as a family owned private equity player in Europe we make investments in attractive international operating companies with a typical transaction size of between € 2 and € 20 million.
  • VATT-INVEST (Warsaw and Wroclaw, Poland) focuses exclusively on realizing real estate properties in Poland and other Central – East European countries. VATT-INVEST real estate transactions valued between € 20 and € 200 million.



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